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Great Wines of Tuscany

The Wine “I’ Moro”

The private selection “I ‘Moro” is not only a wine, but also the oldest symbol of Tuscan hospitality. The production system of L’Antica Cantinetta Toscana – complex and in need of continuous care – has been the same since 1685. The final result is a precious wine, with a ruby color, tending towards garnet with aging, and a intense, floral fragrance. The taste is dry, balanced and persistent. It is a wine of character, which goes well with foods with as many personalities as red meats, game, cured meats and aged cheeses. Carmignano, on the other hand, is one of the most famous wine cities. And without bothering the Redi, which in its “Bacchus in Tuscany” demonstrated all its admiration for Carmignano’s wine production, the notoriety of certain products has now crossed national boundaries, proving to be one of the Italian excellences in the world.

“Antica Cantinetta Toscana”

Antica Cantinetta Toscana is produced exclusively from the highest quality grapes grown on the estate of the same name, situated in the Chianti Classico area. The Winery (or “Cantinetta”) is located in an area that has been inhabited since the Etruscan period and is one of the finest fortified abbeys in the area. It has been renowned for its wine production for more than 1,000 years. The Bianchini family bought the 800-acre estate around the abbey, which is owned by Carmignano monks, in 1685 including the use of the monastery cellars.

About us

Founded in 1685, Antica Cantinetta  is located in Carmignano, near Florence.
In Italy the name of Carmignano has been synonymous of fine wine ever since the 13th century and so great was its reputation that Cosimo III de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, decreed in 1716 that the appellation be strictly controlled.
The borders of the ancient appellation remain identical to this day, making it one of the smallest DOCG areas in Italy.

The winery

Year after year, with the tenacity, dedication and enthusiasm of the people of Tuscany, the winery has improved its production through the rigorous selection of grapes and refinement of the method of vinification.
A guarantee of our wines is the passion of our members. Today the winery under the name Antica Cantinetta Toscana Signature wines made ​​from grapes warmed in the sun of Tuscany.


Our vineyards are situated on and at the foot of the hills in the province of Carmignano.
This land’s aptitude for wine production is very ancient and calls back to the Roman and Etruscan times: to this day, some of the most prestigious vines have found their ideal habitat in the Tuscany, thanks to the very good quality of the soil, a particularly favorable microclimate and the skills of our vine-dressers.


In Carmignano wine was produced since Etruscan and Roman times, as evidenced by the discovery of wine vessels in some Etruscan tombs and the assignment by Caesar to his veterans, between 50 and 60 BC, of ​​some lands between the Arno and the Ombrone, cultivated since then to lives.
In the Florence state archives a parchment dated 804 AD has also been found: it is a lease contract that documents how, as early as 1200 years ago, olive trees and vines were cultivated in Carmignano.
At the end of the 1300s Datini bought Carmignano for a high price for its winery in Prato and in 1600 the Redi decanted it as a wine worthy of Jupiter.
Moreover Carmignano can be proud of having been chosen by the Grand Duke Cosimo III de’Medici (in 1716), as one of the 4 wine-growing areas of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The “Motu Proprio Decree” and the “Notice” in fact regulated with precise rules the production, the geographical limits, the trade of wines produced in these areas, constituting the first “doc” existing in the world.


Antica Cantinetta Toscana firmly believe in a healthy lifestyle, in which daily food, the management of the home and of the life-spaces, the education of the children and―more in general―environmental sensibility, are the concrete elements of their modus vivendi. This is ecological sustainability; for years now, this conviction has been inexorably inspiring their production philosophy: where wine is understood to be the final outcome of a series of agricultural and creative procedures, which require reducing to a minimum the elements foreign to the nature of the grape. They grow from a living territory and pass those mineral substances on to the fruit that the consumer will enjoy in the glass.

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